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希盟政府内部问题变成公开对持的政治局面确实让人民大开眼界。作为砂拉越人,我们注视着GPS 砂政府将带领我们何去何从?在GE14之后,GPS诞生了,当时他们大声宣称自己是砂拉越人,与马来亚没联系。因此,在这紧要关头,我们敦促GPS 砂政府不要接受希盟或新创建的国民联盟,保持中立就是忠于砂拉越对独立的追求,肯雅兰全民党强烈敦促砂政党联盟利用这一机会在砂议会中单方面宣布砂拉越为独立国家。我们的砂GPS和PH政客应该开始为那些首先将他们投票支持各自职位的人民而努力,这就是砂拉越人,而不是首相或马来亚人。


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作为砂拉越人,我们在座位的在旁注视着,由YAB CM Abang Johari领导的砂拉越政党联盟GPS领导的砂拉越政府将带领我们何去何从?


因此,在这个紧要关头,我们敦促我们组建的GPS砂拉越政府继续保持中立,不要接受希盟PH或新创建的国民联盟(或该联盟采用的任何新名称)的支持。 保持中立就是忠于砂拉越对独立的追求。

通过配合首相的“安排”,GPS和PH已显示出其本来面目。 砂拉越在这政治发展里应该表演什么角色? 砂拉越会从这个新的联盟中受益吗?

砂拉越人正注视着砂拉越的领导层,这些领导人都经过了民主投票,以照顾砂拉越的利益为重。 现在GPS和PH正在玩马来亚猫鼠游戏时,民主投票是否像垃圾一样丢到一边了?

肯雅兰全民党敦促GPS作为砂拉越的政府代表砂拉越,不要加入任何一方参与马来西亚联邦政府的独裁安排。 肯雅兰全民党还敦促砂拉越政党联盟GPS利用这一机会在我们的州议会中单方面宣布砂拉越为独立国家。

不应再有政治的“玩法”。 我们的砂拉越GPS和PH政客应该开始为那些首先将他们投票支持各自职位的人民而努力,这就是砂拉越人,而不是首相或马来亚人。

这是砂拉越必须先考虑砂拉越人利益的时候。 不要将我们拖入泥沼,陷入更深的谎言和政治活动中,而要以我们为代价。


The ongoing pushing and shoving of chess pieces by the present PH government is truly an eye opener for the Rakyat.

As Sarawakians we watch at the edge of our seats to see where our Sarawak Government, as led by GPS under YAB CM Abang Johari, will lead us into.

After GE14, GPS was born when they loudly declared themselves to be inherently Sarawakian without ties to Malaya.

So at this crucial juncture, we urge our GPS formed Sarawak Government to continue to be neutral and not take the sides of either PH or the newly coined Pakatan Nasional (or whatever new name that the coalition takes). To remain neutral is to be loyal to Sarawak’s quest of independence.

By going along with the Prime Minister’s “arrangement”, GPS & PH have shown their true colors. What’s in it for Sarawak? Will Sarawak be better off from this new coalition?

Sarawakians are watching their leaders who were all voted in democratically to look after Sarawak’s interest first and foremost. Has that democratic vote been thrown aside like trash now that GPS & PH are playing the Malayan game of cat and mouse?

PBK urges GPS as the government of Sarawak to stand for Sarawak and not join any sides in this dictatorial arrangement of Malaysia’s federal government. PBK further urges GPS to use this opportunity to unilaterally declare Sarawak as an independent nation in our State Assembly.

There should be no more “playing” of politics. Our Sarawakian politicians of GPS & PH should start working for the very people that voted them into their respective positions in the first place and that’s SARAWAKIANS, not the Prime Minister nor the Malayans.

This is the time that Sarawak must come first. Do not drag us through the mud and into further lies and politicking at our expense.

Sarawak must stand up and insist that GPS & PH take Sarawak’s side for once and not allow Sarawak to be a Malayan puppet any longer.

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