2019 New Year's Message from: Chairman of PBK


2019 New Year's Message                                               

from:  Chairman of Party Bumi Kenyalang

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2019 New Year's Message                                               

from Yu Chin Liik  Chairman of Party Bumi Kenyalang


       The footsteps of history have already entered 2019, and reviewing history is of great significance for looking into the future. For Malaysia, after half a century of Alliance, BN monopolization, abuse of power and corruption, the first realization of political party rotation, people expect the new government PH to practice the pre-election promise, do not use the excuse of not using the Bible Hey. 2019 will be a crucial year for the Pakatan Harapan government to continue to win the hearts of the people.


        However, “ 5.09” so far shows that PPBM is becoming more and more UMNO, and PKR even announced that it will hold a Malay conference less than a week after the election. UNMO, PPBM, PKR, and PAS are competing in the dark and in all aspects. They are all engaged in ethnic competition. They are the representatives who defend the Malay sovereignty. The ethnic color has become the most distinctive gray scene in this country. A racial priority is like Trump's American priority has become a phantom for this country, and the country will continue to explore in the dark.


         For the Sarawak people, the solemn promise of PH before the election, is send back of the three equal Negara status of Sabah, Sarawak and Federation of Malaya, and all the rights stated in MA63. naturally, it is the un-avoidable duty of the new Federal Government.


         In 2019, the Sarawak people will reviewed whether the new Federal Government was loyal to their above entioned promise, or whether the so-called New Malaysia Concept was used as the fish eyes mixed with the pearls attempt to pass the test. The game between defending and reclaiming the complete rights of Sarawak, and the flicker of the corresponding ones will become the main theme of the 2019 Sarawak political arena.


         In the early morning of 2019, the bell is about to ring,and “ 5.09 “ has already entered 236 days. The peak of excitement and passion has passed, and disappointment, confusion and annoyance are growing.  Can you still hope for their promises to be materialized in this 2019 ?


         The real situation has repeatedly stated that honest people always think of persons on the political platform as honest and good as people themselves, but,  unfortunately they have not changed in essence.   You can see, Proton was now engaged in un-seen the opposed in the whole country.  In the past, He was not allow local election, and now it is the same.  Some parties have opposed Muslim to celebrate Christmas from the past to the present. Some people say that if local elections are resumed, Chinese people will dominate the big cities of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang, Seremban and Johor Bahru, and alcohol and gambling will be legalized. Others threatened to call the Malays to attack the police.  The attitude of Semenanjung Malaya political and social leaders like the above, how can the country moving forward?  


         509 election for a new government? The basic policy of the  government has not changed. The thinking of public servants has not changed. Can the reform of country be initiated? Conservative, awkward, scruples, retreat, slow and backward, slow driving, even turning or stopping can be seen everywhere.   Semenanjung Malaya voters support PH to establish an equal, free and democratic Malaysia Baru, but this dream has gradually drifted away.


         For more than two hundred days, although according to a recent poll conducted in December, PH's performance has remained at 55 percent popular support, far exceeding BN and PAS.     But what the people continue to see is that the protect certain ethic privilege policy has been unshakable for decades, and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) has been swept under the carpet, and the Chinese voters are looking forward to the Recognition of the exam diploma for Chinese High School is still on the no end road, the Hindu Temple riots,  the PPBM accept Katak Katak for fast swelling itself,  the member parties attack each other. Furthermore, PH is committed to a transparent, equal and democratic leadership team, But Somebody personally Suddenly stop East Coast Railway, Declared the death penalty for Johor Forest City, and Demolition of the “Great Wall” of Guandang,  and Embrace Japan again,  and people can’t see the direction of PH. where is it.


        The turbulent Malaysia has passed in 2018. The 2019 Malaysian national economy does not see the turmoil of recovery. The world economy has declined significantly, and people’s enthusiasm has cooled down. The PH federal government, especially the Heads of PH in Sarawak, must respect the public opinion, fulfill Sarawak’s equal status and sovereign commitment, implement the reform agenda, and distinguish itself from the federal central side,  in the fundamental interests of the Sarawak people.  Resisting ethnicity and religious extremes, rather than going back and forth.


        The most important for people of the Sarawak in 2019 are the most widely united,  most higher up the flag of our Sarawak,  and urged PH to practice their promise, and urged GPS to reject all kinds of flicker from the federal central government.  And Sarawak DUN as soon as possible passed various important rights protection bills.  The road is tortuous, the future is bright, and the fate is in the hands of the Sarawak people ourselves.

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