It is not surprised that Tan Sri Adenan was finally chosen by Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud to become his successor.





However, what has surprised me is that Tan Sri Abdul Taib has failed to comply with the political game by choosing Adenan, someone who is disproportionate with the party to become his successor as he needs Adenan to protect his vast empire of businesses and continuously enrich his families and associates.




According to the party politico’s game, the Party officials should be commensurate with their government's position.




For instance, the UMNO President is the Prime Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minister must be the Acting Chairman. When the Prime Minister, who is also the President of UMNO, has resigned from his position, the vacant will automatically being replaced by the Deputy Prime Minister, and one among the three of the vice-presidents will be appointed as the new Deputy Prime Minister.




In Sarawak, PBB is like UMNO. Whoever holds the position as PBB president will eventually become the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Meaning to say, when Taib has resigned from his position, and according to the unwritten tradition, the post of Chief Minister should be taken over by an Islam. Therefore, the next successor is more likely to be chosen between the two potential candidates- The deputy president Datuk Amar Abang Johari Openg, or, the senior vice-president Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan. Surprisingly, Taib eventually did not pick someone in the party to act as the next Chief Minister. Instead, he has passed the job to a hand-picked successor- Adenan Saten, who is also acting as the Publicity Chief of PBB.




Abang Johari has a solid grassroots base and his experience-wise has made him a competent leader. However, Taib does not favour him as his successor. Despite to face Taib's supported candidates and challenges from Adena, Abang Johari has went for the post of Deputy President and won it easily through the strong political support within all grassroots members




Nevertheless, Johari was not covered by any entrusted important positions in the state cabinet.



For instance, before the 416 state elections, Abang Johari has appointed as Minister of Housing. Even after the 416 state election and state cabinet reshuffle, he was just being chosen to become the State Minister of Housing and the Minister of Tourism only.  And the post of the Ministry of Industrial Development was given to him as the replacement to Dr George Chan, who has lost his seat in the 2011 Sarawak State Election.




All of these were because Abang Johari was seen as someone that is pro-federal and pro-Umno.




During the past BN Assembly, it is obviously that Abang Johari certainly will not being recommended by Taib as his successor.




The Sarawak BN secretary-general, Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi has took a step further by stating that Taib last advice before retirement that whoever succeeds him must strive to to protect BN and preventing UMNO from setting a foothold in Sarawak. This obviously indicated that Abang Johari, who was being accused as pro-BN have been eliminated from his list and hence, there are only two possible successors’ name were left- Awang Tengah and Adenan Saten.



Taib always believed that Adenan is more reliable compare to Awang Tengah, as Awang Tengah has said to plot for voting Taib out at the Party Convention previously.




Taib decision to appoint Adenan as his successor is to safeguard his family wealth.




Preventing Umno from entering to Sarawak seems to be the easiest way for Taib to ensure his families' right in monopolise the state projects. Thus, he has urge BN leaders, at all levels, to protect and safeguard Sarawak’s rights and interests by preventing Umno from entering Sarawak during his last ever Sarawak BN leadership meeting.



Rather than focus on how to avoid the other west Malaysian parties entering Sarawak, Taib as the Senior Leader in BN seems to be more aggressively against UMNO to expand their political based into Sarawak.



In fact, the main reason on why he was keen to keep UMNO out from Sarawak is to prevent his family interest for being eroded.



Referring to the 18-points drawn up by Sarawak for its incorporation into Malaysia,  besides than barring all activists and opposition leaders from entering the state, the other points seems have been forgotten by them.




Taib decision to step down from the post seems to be linked with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as well.

As it was said that after Najib has being appointed as the PM, he has tries to create a fresh and better image for BN by removing those wicked leaders that lead to a lot of negative images for party to step down from their position.



The first was Dato' Seri Samy Vellu- President of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), and followed by Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.


During the 416 Sarawak GE, Najib tries to enforce the timetable of Tan Sri Taib Mahmud for the stepping down. When pressed at the time, Taib has finally mentioned "two years" as the timeframe of his stepping down as Sarawak Chief Minister.



But even after one year,  he  was absolutely no signs that he is prepared and ready to honor his understanding and undertaking with Najib to effect a transition of power in Sarawak.



Finally, Taib was forced to step down and this will definitely created vengeful toward UMNO and state government.



However, his political influence is remaining strong and stable. By appointed Adenan as his successor, he could still safeguard his family interest.


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